The Resiliency Course from Jan Luther and The EGO Tamer Academy

“Jan, do you think I should sign up for The Resiliency Course?”

I often get this question from my students and clients who absolutely KNOW the power of TET Tapping and have experienced the power and healing that come from it. Behind their question is actually a resistance to believing that they can do it.

So, if you’re interested in The Resiliency Course, but you’re doubting yourself or unsure if it’s what you need right now, this is for you. The clients and students who experience miracles share the following “right fit” mindsets and traits:

You’re a right fit for this program if:

You’re more spiritual than religious.

You know that the way you’re showing up in the world right now isn’t the best or true you.

You’ve decided and are maybe even feeling desperate to get unstuck and be liberated from your grief.

You resonate with the image that your inner child is drowning in grief and has stopped breathing and you understand that The Resiliency Course is like the ER that can save your life.

You’re teachable and have a beginner’s mindset.

You’re committed to fully engaging for six weeks’ time. You’ll be laser-focused with no excuses about why you can’t attend; being all-in on the calls, knowing that you’re gonna show up on the video when it’s your turn to receive the undivided love and attention of a student teacher.

You are compassionate and can show empathy when someone else has a turn as the student teacher, knowing that everyone wins and everyone heals when we tap along together.

You fully grasp what it’s costing you to be settling and suffering and you’re done waiting to: somehow figure it out on your own or hoping this problem will magically go away.

You’re a wrong fit if:

Your first thought is how much does it cost. (Your pain is not big enough – YET)

You immediately begin thinking about all the other things that’ll be more important for you to do during the six weeks. (Too much resistance will limit your healing.)

You don’t think you’ll like group work because you think other people whine about their pain. (Your heart is too closed to have empathy. You’re not open enough.)

You think you’re the expert or you are a therapist or coach who does grief or Resiliency work and you’re looking to come steal my content. (You’re not welcome to participate.)

You’re attached to your grief and plan to defend your brokenness as a misguided way of staying connected to what was loved or lost. (This program is definitely NOT a right fit for you.)

You only want to take this course so that you can go through the motions of taking action to please a parent or partner. Or so you can say you tried one more thing didn’t work for you. (You’re not ready to do it for yourself.)

So, are you a right fit?

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