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6 Core Experiences in The Resiliency Course

Registration for the current session of The Resiliency Course is now closed, but if you’re on my waiting list, I’ll send you an email when registration for the next class opens. If you’re not on the waiting list, please signup using the form below. Thanks!

The Mission of The Resiliency Course
The Mission of The Resiliency Course:  In 6 weeks’ time, introduce as many spiritual seekers as possible to the “inner bully” (the EGO) and begin to tame it. Awaken your “Inner Winner” (Source/Soul Self) and liberate you from as much human suffering as possible so that you can experience true liberation from fear and limitations and embrace and embody your authentic inner co-creator!


Check out this audio we captured from our introductory call for The Resiliency Course!

Here’s an email I received about the intro call. What will your experience be?

Testimonials from The Resiliency Course


I enjoyed the call tonight. I didn’t share, because my issue du jour was a little complicated to explain plus I was still sorting it out myself. Although on the surface it was very different from Shannon’s, I had a huge shift just from sharing her process. A whole new perspective arose while listening to Shannon and tapping with her. I’m feeling back to normal now. Have been bouncing around in depression-ville all day, really kind of worried to be feeling that low. I wasn’t sure what could spring me out of it. But, I’m back and ready to roll on.

Thank you so much.


Change is a grieving process!
Whether it’s being left out of a social circle, being fired from your job or experiencing the death of a loved one, every change in life requires some degree of grieving work.

Simply put, whenever you have disappointment, shame, trauma, loss or change you will mourn and grieve. The simple overview is that you are faced with shock, resistance, the arduous work of re-calibrating your thinking, releasing dreams and expectations and trying to forgive all the hurting so that you can learn to accept or work within the new paradigm of your life.

Do you have any unresolved grief?

Do you find yourself thinking:

  • “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.”
  • “I did everything right…this shouldn’t have happened.”
  • “I’ll never be the same.”
  • “Why me?”

If any of those ring true, this might be the perfect time for you to experience The Resiliency CourseSM.

Learn the 6 Core Experiences that ensure deep and lasting change.

  1. The Power of Perspective: Learn to step out of the human mind time frame and become the observer.
  2. Releasing Resistance: As humans we are wired to resist pain. When we resist, we engage in a battle of tug-o’-war between what the mind wants and expects and what actually IS happening. The body responds with stress, pain and, if left unchecked, disease!
  3. Blooming Where You’re Planted: We are not wired to jump from where we are in our pain and disappointment to the whole, healed and recovered self in one step. There’s a methodology that allows you to begin right where you are and gently, slowly and then more rapidly move from trauma to emotional freedom. In this course you’ll witness and experience this “walk” personally and vicariously – probably 100 times!
  4. Awakening Your Inner Winner: While we can’t undo what has been done in the physical (because we’re faced with some limitations), through this course you can intentionally adjust the way you feel about and respond to what has changed!
  5. Seeing the Future You: Perhaps you’ve heard the quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Yes, that includes you! Every time you do this work, miracles happen! We cannot imagine the form these miracles will take for you, but you can certainly set your sights on how you want to show up whole, healed, more loved and more loving in the future!
  6. Feel Relief, then hope, then peace and even JOY! This work releases emotional baggage and opens you to Soul/Source light (brightness) and light (buoyancy). This is The Rejuvenation and Liberation Experience that is the transformation through The Resiliency Course!
The Resiliency Course is a 6-week course. Here are the details: - 6-week virtual workshop by phone (one call each week) - Calls are 90 minutes in length (you have a choice of an AM or PM call - or both, attend them all if you want) - Calls are recorded so that you can have anytime access to them in the future. - We'll release emotional trauma, grief and anger. Plus, here's what you'll experience: ~ The 1 Technique that works on everything ~ The 2-Part Template that puts the whole program in the palm of your hand ~ The 5 Aspects of Grief© that give you the road map through the process ~ The 6 Experiences that ensure deep and lasting healing work is completed!

What you’ll learn and experience in this highly interactive course:

The 1 Technique that “works on everything”

  • Emotional, physical, spiritual, past life, etc. If you can think of it, this technique will help you release blocked energy, emotional – and often physical – pain and begin the healing process that accompanies spiritual restoration.
  • This technique is a light and joyful way to stop wrestling with the pain, lean into it, observe and dismantle it and then draw upon your deep well of inner wisdom to explore the lessons within the experience so that you can then release the beliefs and patterns that had been creating it.

The 2-Part Template

  • This “fill in the blank” piece of paper gathers all the pieces of The Resiliency Course into one manageable formula. How cool is it that we can literally put it all together in the palm of your hands?!
  • As you participate, observe and process your own stories, you’ll become better and better at seeing how every experience that distresses you can be relieved and released using this template.

The 5 Aspects of Grief©

  • Each aspect is one piece of the healing puzzle.
  • Once you experience and learn how to recognize these aspects, you’ll know that you’re capable of unlimited healing. As you tell your story, observe it and remove the negative energy as you glean the experiences needed, then you can release and forgive it all and delete that program from your human programming.
  • Can you imagine the power of fully understanding that every human trauma, loss or change is a process of grief? Once you’re certain of this, you’ll know without a doubt that through these tools and processes, you will forever have the power and the potential to wipe away all emotional pain.


Private Facebook Group for The Resiliency Course

You’ll be an integral participant in our private online community

  • The Resiliency Course private online community will be filled with other students and seekers – much like you – whom you can connect with daily! How comforting to know that you’re not on this journey alone.
  • This community offers you the opportunity to feel fully seen and heard and know that you belong and that you matter!
  • No two groups will be the same! We’re ever-evolving beings and from one session to the next, you’ll have healed, learned and come to understand life in a way that means you are essentially a different person than you may have been even a few months ago.
  • I, too, will be active in that group offering insights, answering questions and maybe even adding special bonuses as they seem appropriate. I’ll watch the community posts daily and I’ll acknowledge or answer every single comment that’s made there!


The Resiliency Course Content

  • Daily Access to our Fabulous Private Community
  • Six (12 if you want) Live Group Coaching Gatherings (one 90-minute call Thursday Mornings and one 90-minute call Thursday Evenings for six solid weeks – your choice of morning or evening or all 12)
  • The 1 Technique that “works on everything”
  • The 2-Part Template that puts the healing power literally in the palm of your hands
  • The 5 Aspects of Grief© Formula – The puzzle piece you will mine for the gold
  • The skill of applying The 6 Core Experiences for Deep and Lasting Healing

What will the future you look like?

What will the future you look, feel and behave like without all the heavy emotions and mental drudgery of leftover grief and pain?

How will your life change for the better once you know that you have the tools, authority and the power to address every trauma, loss and change that shows up in your future? (Bullet-proof?!!)

What, if anything, will your inner bully try to say to you to tempt you not to listen to your heart’s yearning to participate?

How much valuable time are you wasting in worrying, waiting and wondering if your life will ever get better? What is it costing you in your health, relationships, your life purpose?

What is the monetary value of having true emotional freedom and connection to your inner source of clarity, confidence and faith?

If you knew that you’ll be held gently and lovingly accountable to fully participate to your full capacity in this program so that you can glean as much as possible from this 6-week master healing course, how quickly would you say “yes?”

As part of this transformational experience, I want to make a solemn promise to you:

When you show up fully and completely, when you engage personally and use The Law of Adaptation and Sharing Benefits when other students are volunteering, I promise that you will:

  • Experience the practical, measurable proof of the effectiveness of these tools as it applies to your emotional healing.
  • Hear Divine Guidance- maybe from me or directly to you and definitely as others receive it- that will be fresh, new, inspirational and prospering.
  • Feel hopeful, relieved, joyful – perhaps even to tears. And you’ll have a new self-love and respect as you begin to understand the value and necessity of devoting time to this transformational soul-healing work for your life. It changes everything!

Registration for the current session of The Resiliency Course is now closed, but if you’re on my waiting list, I’ll send you an email when registration for the next class opens. If you’re not on the waiting list, please add your name using the form below. Thanks!

If after attending every call live, participating fully on the calls, contributing to the community and connecting with me, you do not experience these three things, I’ll happily have a conversation with you about refunding your investment. If, however, your little inner bully is already thinking that you’ll take the course and ask for a refund, this is the time for you to walk away without creating any harsh karma for either of us!

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